Financial Reporting & Forecasting Firm Kiplinger says Housing Recovery is “firmly” Underway

The market sure is rebounding. We have seen steady and consistent growth in our Orlando marketplace for about 2 years now.  In the article, Kiplinger states “the turnaround will probably be slower in metro areas in Florida….”  I’m not quite sure the folks at Kiplinger hit the mark with that comment.  I first noticed the inventory beginning to dwindle in the Summer of 2011.  Since then prices have been increasing steadily and demand has grown exponentially.  Real estate is local.  In fact real estate is hyper local; so much so that improvement in values in the Orlando market varies from city to city – even neighborhood to neighborhood.  Because of this we have seen values improve at rates between 3-11% over last year (Again, depending on the area/marketplace.)

I do agree with the statement by Karen Mracek, a Kiplinger editor and real estate analyst, that “the rise in home values and decline in inventories won’t maintain their current pace.”  We are riding one of the waves of recovery (I am sure there will be several).  Sooner or later the currents will dwindle and we will find normalcy – which in our market is a growth rate of about 3% per year (pretty healthy.)

Read the full article here:

Kiplinger: Housing Recovery Firmly Underway


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