About Lisa

I am a proud native of Rhode Island,  the biggest little state in the Union, and highly recommend anyone visit if they have not.  It’s a remarkable place full of history, heritage, great food, music and more.

I moved to Florida as a newlywed in 2000.  My husband had lived here in the 1990’s and had a fair amount of family already settled here.  We lived in Winter Garden initially and settled in Minneola in 2002.  I am the mother of one (a Florida native) born in 2001 and find great pleasure in spending any free time I have enjoying my daughter and my family.  I am a homebody by nature but also enjoy spending time at our wonderful theme parks.  I love roller coasters and water rides and sharing that fun and excitement with my daughter.

I am the owner of Vantage Point Realty Co., and I believe that being a VantagePointREALTOR is not a job — it’s a lifestyle.  Every day is something new and the hours are far from typical.  I love what I do and have a great passion for helping others achieve their ideal of the American Dream.  I believe there are 2 types of REALTORS – sales people and those in service.  I am proud to be the latter of the two, and proud to be among the top producing agents in Lake and Orange counties.  I take great pride in my work.  I am committed to my clients and helping them achieve their goals.

I won’t tell you that life is like a box of chocolates, but I will say that you get out of life what you put in and a little hard work never hurt anyone.